Rather than manufacturing standardized gears, EasternGear considers the usage of the environment and characteristics of the mechanical devices when designing and producing gear sets that are tailored and customized for the customer.

Gears for Metal Smelting Equipment

Duration of Usage per day

More than 20 hours per day

Core Requirements

Ability to withstand extreme temperatures
and pressure from extremely heavy payload

Key Design and Production

A structure with high and constant movement
repetitions in extreme environments


Gears for Defense Missiles

Duration of Usage per day

Less than 30 minutes [from launch to detonation]

Core Requirements

Ability to withstand momentary impacts for
2-3 thousandths of a second during launch

Key Design and Production

High durability that can withstand
momentary shocks and external pressure

Our Products

Globoid Worm Gear

High Strength and Rigidity,
High Output Gearsets

  • Approximately 10% higher efficiency than regular worm gears
  • Enhanced impact resistance through simultaneous contact area.
  • Excellent rotational force transmissions and precise positioning functions.

Product Application

Small guided missile wing gear set (CD17 Ratio 50:1, improved durability)

Power Drive

High-power Industrial Reducer

  • Can be reduced in size by more than 30% compared to existing worm reducers
  • Manufacturing cost and space reduction effect of applied equipment
  • Enhanced impact resistance through simultaneous contact area.

Product Application

G Company (redacted for privacy) from the US, uses our CD135 (gear ratio of 13:1) for electric vehicle molding equipment.

  • Reducer size reduction from original by 42%
  • Efficiency improvement by 26%
  • Succeeded in mass production for the first time in Korea.

Robot/Precision Drive

Robot/Precision Reducer

  • Concurrent improvement in precision and output function.
  • High durability and price competitiveness compared to existing robot reducers.
  • Ability to make various structural improvements depending on the field of application.

Product Application

Automotive welding line, car body control reducers (CD76, Gear ratio of 9:1, 10:1, 13:1)

  • Payload improvement: 2.5-7.5 tons
  • Repeatability improved by 5 times.
  • Application in robot base