At heart, EasternGear is a manufacturing company emboldened with technology, development, and engineering.
We strive to provide innovative technology for improved performance and energy conservation for actuators.


To Improve the Performance of Driving Devices

To Develop Energy-Saving Technologies for Carbon Neutrality

To Provide Future Mobility Solutions


Putting Efficiency

into Motion

Gears are a part of a physically moving machine and a key component that enables a swift transmission of rotational energy into torque.

EasternGear strives to create improved performance and efficiency rather than producing standardized products that exist on the market.

We have established ourselves through our efforts, earning the trust of partners worldwide for our products.

Our Service

Expertise in Gear Optimization

Gears and reducers are usually produced as standardized products. Standard products inevitably have some limitations for the customers. Instead of designing their machines to their factory dimensions, they must take into account the size of gearboxes. Our gear optimization technology improves drive output and precision even while enabling machinery to reduce in size.

  • Customized gear production is possible through our specialized systematic production process.
  • The surfaces of the gears are resistant to damage from heavy loads or strong impacts.
  • Stable high output guaranteed.
  • Optimization in space efficiency of production equipment with reducer size minimization technology.

Distinguished Metal Processing Technology

Reducing manufacturing costs and maximizing productivity is achievable through advanced manufacturing technology. By integrating mass production techniques, such as press stamping (for quick production), with high-precision cutting processes (although more time-consuming), we can deliver products of exceptional quality at cost-effective prices, ensuring competitiveness compared to existing production methods.

  • Cutting processing technology (simultaneous 5-axis machining)
  • Press processing technology (Deep drawing)
  • Metal sheet forging
  • Cold forging and cutting processing optimization

Global Networking

We are creating a trade connection/bridge between international buyers and manufacturers in Asia by securing experts and global talents in each industry. We have the ability to communicate with domestic and international customers to create mutual growth.

  • Operations of sales offices in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka)
  • Experts in Europe, the USA, and Southeast Asia
  • Assistance China’s Global Startup Technology Support Center


  • 08

    Selected as the pre-unicorn company by Gyeongsangbuk-do

  • 05

    Joint Product Development with Korea Research Institute of Robotics and Technology Convergence (KIRO). Started development of a 5 Degrees of Freedom collaborative robot arm to incorporate double-envel

  • 02

    Accepted to Samsung C-Lab Outside Program

  • 11

    Finalization of ultra-small gear die and product development for Japanese power tools (Without machining, achieved through press processing).

  • 06

    Supplier for Hyundai Steel for high output reducers

  • 04

    Secondary Stages of Startup

  • 03

    Supplier for [Military and Defense]: Miniature globoid gearsets (17mm) for missile use

  • 10

    Started development for precision robot requiring double globoid worm gearboxes

  • 10

    Supplier for Hyundai Robotics (Korea) [positioner reducers]

  • 09

    TIPS (Venture Capital) investment for R&D

  • 07

    Laboratory Setup

  • 05

    Preliminary Stages of Startup

  • 01

    Supplier for General Motors (USA) [production line reducers]

  • 10

    Sumitomo Japan Request for Improvement of Gearbox. Gearbox Manufactured.

  • 05

    Pre-Startup Phase

  • 05

    EasternGear was Established


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