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2023. 11. 30

[November Newsletter] Participation in Robex 2023! news

Successful Participation at Daegu International Robot Industry Exhibition (ROBEX) 2023! 🎉


Warm Greetings from EasternGear! 


The EasternGear Team is excited to share our success at the recently concluded Daegu International Robot Industry Exhibition (ROBEX) held from November 14th to 17th, 2023!


As avid believers in the growth of the robotics industry, we recognize its pivotal role in future economic development. Whether applied to manufacturing or services, robots have the potential to significantly enhance productivity across various sectors. At EasternGear, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of robotics and contributing to this exponential growth.


Our presence at ROBEX was marked by a showcase of our expertise in integrating globoid (double enveloping) worm gears into industrial and collaborative robots. We proudly presented a new machine under development—the robot joint reducer testing machine—at our booth, reflecting our commitment to innovation.


Participating in this exhibition provided us with a fantastic opportunity to connect with the public and engage in meaningful conversations with our customers. We seized the chance to highlight our capabilities in delivering customizable gearboxes tailored to the unique requirements of each industry.


We extend our gratitude to everyone who visited our booth, and we are already gearing up for an even more remarkable exhibition next year. 


To catch a glimpse of EasternGear's booth at ROBEX2023, check out the video below.👇 (Please note that the video is in Korean)



Putting Efficiency into Motion

A gear set is a part of a moving machine or device and a key component that enables the transmission of torque and speed.

At EasternGear, we strive to create products with performance that sets us apart and higher efficiency based on innovative ideas and technology rather than standardized products. We provides design, processing, manufacturing, and testing of all gears, but we specialize in globoid worm gears.

We are a technology, development and engineering company that provides one-stop services for all industries.

What are Worm Gears?

A worm gear set consists of a screw-shaped worm or shaft and a gear wheel. This set is specifically used to reduce speed and amplify torque. Worm gears are used in various different industrial fields. They have many advantages such as having a structure that is relatively easy to produce, self-locking properties, and increased space efficiency.

One of the downsides is that they have fewer engagement points between the worm thread and wheel teeth, which can lead to increased heat generation and a higher risk of premature breakage and damage.

  • Non-parallel, non-intersecting axis
  • The meshing of surfaces in the form of point or line contact
  • Less contact surface

An example of the damage incurred:

  • Fracturing of tooth
  • Worn out and thinning of teeth


What are Globoid Worm Gears?

Similar to normal worm gears, globoid worm gears provide a high gear ratio but have a seemingly simple yet challenging-to-produce structure. Globoid worm gears can push higher outputs and are more precise compared to regular cylindrical worm gears. Their structure involves more engagement and continuous sliding contact, resulting in efficient transmission, reduced heat generation, and has a higher resistance to sudden and momentary weight or impact.

High Efficiency, High Output
  • Structure has higher gear teeth engagement between the wheel and the worm
  • Increased efficiency through simultaneous surface contact area
  • Approximately 10% higher efficiencies than regular worm gears
Reduced in Size, Increased Resistance
  • Better transfer of energy due to more engagement of teeth while also reducing the dimensions of the gear set
  • Enhanced durability and impact resistance attributed to simultaneous surface contact

Collaborative Project

A joint project that innovates and grows together.

EasternGear strives for collaboration and coexistence.
We consider these as our core values for success.
We work with experts in various fields, including companies
and research institutes to create opportunities to grow together.
Example of Globoid Worm
Gear Reducer Applications 
Example of Regular Worm
Gear Reducer Applications
  • Easier to implement.
  • Adjustable input and output positions.
  • Space can be optimized and can be used more efficiently.
  • Quite bulky in size 
  • Has lower space efficiency.
  • Although compact in size, EasternGear’s robot arm guarantees twice the payload as similar products on the market. (Based on robot arms with a reach of 1400mm, with a 15-20kg max payload)
  • Even when used as a high-output robot, it is still able to achieve high repeatability with minimal backlash.
  • Ensured stability especially while running due to impact resistance and gear structure’s durability.
  • With an efficiency of over 80%, battery usage is reduced and provides an environment that allows our gearbox to operate optimally.
  • Mobile robots can move and operate with increased smoothness and stability even on rough and bumpy terrain.

  • Our gearboxes can withstand high impact and shock resistance, and increase durability while also reducing battery usage.


As November comes to a close, winter approaches.

We wish you good health during this chilly season.

May your days be filled with warmth 😊🍁

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